FMA AVS-9 aviator's NVS Mount TB1271 Free shipping

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FMA AVS-9 aviator's NVS Mount TB1271 Free shipping


Manufacturer: FMA
Weight: 130 g
Material: nylon
Description: this scaffold fittings stainless steel bar, press the button, the side fixed card worse would open, fixed down turn, cut of can feel its rigidity and stability;Rotary top button can be fine-tuning, bracket to move up and down (note: due to the rubber hardness co., LTD., adjust to suitable location, lest cause slippery tooth)
AVS9 dedicated stent, the modelling of necessary items.
Also have many versions, built-in battery, external battery pack, and is suitable for different helmet with stents, then will come out oh FMA, please look forward to!

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