FMA Caiman Ballistic Helmet DP(M/L) TB1307-DP free shipping

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FMA Caiman Ballistic Helmet DP(M/L) TB1307-DP free shipping

Manufacturer: FMA
Weight: 520 g

 Product features:
1. Dried cuttlefish is Wilcox L4 aviation aluminum CNC inner frame model, more solid and advanced
2. The external side of the helmet is specially equipped with the guide rail base of the roverson helmet system. The new guide rail is loaded with a wider range of accessories.
Thickness of helmet body -- light and breathable;Restore data, more secure and reliable.
4,10 mmPPE split foam -- unique split test design. The foam can be divided into three parts (front and back middle) to strengthen head protection.
5, 14mm springback sponge inner pad, breathable, soft cloth, springback sponge + imported red rubber foam, reinforced flannelette, slow springback sponge, more in line with human engineering, more effective and safe to protect the user's head in extreme environment, more comfortable to wear!
6. The all-around Velcro system with more tactical styling can be loaded with any tactical accessories with Velcro such as the light helmet badge
7. The strap lock is used for rapid adjustment of the lock catch. Turn over the clip on the upper to unlock the free adjustment length, and then press down the clip to lock.

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