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FMA MT Helmet TB1274-MC free shipping

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Manufacturer: FMA
Material: ABS engineering plastics with good impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance
Weight: 905g (thickness reduction)
Size: adjustable fit players within 61 cm (57-61 - cm)
Helmet sponge configuration: MT helmet special parts, haughty rebound sponge + TPU + + high elastic EVA double-sided velvet, 70 kg slow rebound sponge, effectively protect the head;High density sponge can relieve head, seismic effect, effectively protect the head.Damping effect is very good, wear is also very comfortable for the head.
Helmet hanging with the original standard hanging belt, perfect details and name.Adjust to the best position, to make the helmet comfort stability, users do not feel the loose feeling when wear helmets.

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