FMA Knvir-14 BK semaphores three colors TB511

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FMA Knvir-14 DE semaphores three colors  TB508


KNVIR-14 Phoenix Jr. MPN: 902111IR is an extremely rugged and low-cost marker beacon. It is used in conjunction with Night Vision goggles (NVG) and other Night Vision devices (NVD), at night, as a covert position marker. The Phoenix Jr.  (Firefly) was originally designed as a combat identification marker to minimize fratricide

The beacon has many uses in combat and other covert operations for marking personnel, vehicles, safe pathways, or locations.

Size: 1.19” x 0.9” x 0.574" | 31mm x 22.5mm x 14.6mm
Flash Repeat Cycle: 1.3 Seconds (Fixed)
Flash Duration: 20 Milliseconds (Fixed)
Battery: Common 9 volt

Color: Black

Matching: a lamp (red, green, blue optional), a pouch

(Of The other two lamp / battery does not include, lamp can be an additional buy)

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