FMA AKA2 NVG Mount DE tb812

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FMA AKA2 NVG Mount DE tb812









The AKA2 features a host of design attributes including a modular assembly, tight machining tolerances, and extreme adjustability. The AKA2 comes with two separate NVG mount interfaces.The first one is the familiar bayonet design that will accept a standard PVS-7 goggle or PVS-14 with installed J-Arm The second is a precision dovetail interface that accept the PVS-15, PVS-18. These modular interfaces are quickly and easily interchangeable in the field with no tools. An ingenious spring-loaded captured pin is pushed up from the bottom of the fore/aft adjustment rail and rotated to remain locked upright, allowing the interface module to slide off and be replaced. When the pin is rotated back, it locks down with a positive click and secures the interface module to the rail. The Fore/Aft Adjustment Rail is another unique feature. Instead of using teeth to create individual lock points, the rail is completely smooth, allowing for infinite lock positions. The interface module has a twist key on the outside that rotates to clamp it into position on the rail. This feature is present on all their mounts and is very easy to use in the field when the unit is mounted on your head and you cannot see what you are doing. Because the knob is isolated on top of the mount, you can very quickly find it in the dark and actuate it while using gloves.

The AKA2 is a revolutionary mount that has the most versatility we have seen to date. When you hold this mount in your hand, you can feel the quality and really gain a respect for the craftsmanship. This is one solid mount. The adjustments are tight and precise. When wearing NVG’s on your helmet, intuitive design becomes extremely important. Adjustment is very good in theory, but there is a tradeoff in complication. If I cannot decipher how the thing works or end up performing one function when I meant to do something else because controls are placed too close together, I am not happy. That said, the control points on the AKA2 are very intuitive and ergonomic. The vertical adjustment is particularly impressive. The location for the flip-up mechanism is handy and protected, so it will not release unexpectedly from an impact. The flip-up arm has three positive stops: the first places the NVG’s in front of your eyes, the second cantilevers them away from your face and in front of the helmet, and the third places them above the helmet. The fore/aft adjustment paddle has a positive over-center actuation that feels very sturdy. It takes a substantial amount of added force without binding. The AKA2 is increasingly modular with its swap-able back plate. 





 AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18


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FMA AKA2 NVG Mount DE tb812
$88.25 $75.01