FMA OPS-CORE FAST Base Jump Military DE TB284

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FMA OPS-CORE FAST Base Jump Military DE TB284














FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET made with bulletproof version and carbon version of the same FAST HELMET design, just in the material is used on the relatively cheap polyethylene plastic as a MILITARY level shell and turn your head directly to the BASE night-vision goggles fusion HELMET appearance on, MianQue the extra purchase night-vision goggles the BASE of the open information, also can be directly mounted camera/head lamp such as other equipment in the head.

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET is to participate in training, search and rescue operations, mountain climbing or other outdoor sports the HELMET of essential equipment. Compared with the other outdoor HELMET, FAST BASE JUMP HELMET with FAST series HELMET consistent characteristics and advantages, but the price does more approachable.

FAST BASE JUMP HELMET released in two versions SPORT version and MILITARY version, are using the same HEAD-LOC (OPS says Andrea giancoli charge of technology for the stability of the ascension to wear helmets) suspension technology.

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET is built inside the lightweight, IMPACT resistance, ventilated wait for a characteristic of the EPP soft mat (EPP soft mat by IMPACT PADS IMPACT resistance layer and LDV memory sponge layers), and EPP soft mat not affected by environmental temperature, and humidity change altitude of damage

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET HELMET with two sets of different sizes of attached EPP soft mat, 1/2 "and 3/4", convenient use self-configuring home.

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET equipped with OCC-DIAL adjustable headband (OPS says Andrea giancoli by a patent technology, a knob can adjust tightness of rewinding HELMET), OCC-DIAL through the mechanics optimization design through the knob adjustment way, only need to gently twist knob, can turn the head space tightening, the stability of the HELMET to acme, the user can't feel the HELMET baggy feeling. While wearing on either side of the design can put COMTAC/SORDIN sound pickup and noise reduction communication headset placed in the HELMET internal, from every time all need to HELMET headphones before wearing helmets troubles.

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET equipped with FAST-ARCs (OPS says Andrea giancoli of patent technology, used to increase the functional sex of the HELMET, after installation, HELMET functional got a lot of development), able to connect the head lamp, camera, kerchief mask, communication equipment and HALO mask, and many other functions of the equipment, make FAST HELMET instantly become able to god the almighty sea HELMET.

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET forehead parts is a integrated BASE can be connected head lights, camera, night-vision goggles and other equipment, the MianQue as bulletproof version and carbon edition FAST HELMET need extra buy night-vision goggles mounting BASE costs.

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET with HELMET for stable attached to the bounce off night-vision goggles deck

FAST BASE JUMP MILITARY HELMET along the sides and a HELMET back original magic stick, users to be fitted with IR recognition by chapter, morale chapter, IR lamp and so on many kinds of actual combat recognition accessories.

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FMA OPS-CORE FAST Base Jump Military DE TB284
$55.50 $47.18