FMA Flash Bang Holster BK/DE/FG/OD/BL/PK/OR TB1256 Free shipping

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FMA Flash Bang Holster BK/DE/FG/OD/BL/PK/OR TB1256 Free shipping

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Manufacturer: FMA
Material: PA66 nylon (quick release sets); nylon + aluminum alloy + POM (MK13 model)
Weight: 100g (quick release); 75g (MK13 model)
Uses: suitable for MK13 short version of the shock model fast set, both sides of the press at the same time press the model, the left has a lock switch, not easy to automatically bounce, strap buckle system, move out to open, convenient, perfect match!
Seven colors: black, sand color, gray, military green, blue, pink, orange (any choice)
Also can be used with more shocking model Oh! (MK13 model with a quick kit to buy separately) Bulk parts shipped, assembled themselves
  The first batch of MK13 model which contains POM material, POM raw materials, synthetic resin in a, also known as polyoxymethylene resin, POM plastic, race steel, etc .; is a white or black plastic particles, with high hardness, High wear resistance characteristics. Mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, instrumentation, toys, and other functions from the skeleton of the product.
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