FMA Manta Strobe LOGO TYPE(Green / blue / red )TB338

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FMA  Manta Strobe LOGO TYPE(Green / blue / red three-color)TB338



Part of the advanced precision Manta gate of lighting and S&S identification system (target). The development of special helmet lighting devices, Manta infrared and public way to provide a button press lightly. It's very easy to start button and one hand and it are laid out in an intuitive manner, so the operator does not need to look at it.


The light of the special Manta survival shaped the modern war for the curvature of the helmet. But it will also adapt to as ballistic helmet shell. One of the main benefit is that it's Manta operating mode. It will open in the infrared mode to prevent accidental discharge of white light. On both sides of the button the intentional act activate visible to the gate. This layout operator safety greatly increase the field.

This is a very innovative Manta infrared gate. It looks nothing like the other devices on the market. Cleaner back form factor no convex boundary, greatly reducing the dangers of an obstacle. The cap is easy to find and start, even if the gloves. In the unit is initialized, a small motor vibration three times for operator know gate is open. Also is the movement of the user... For example ride a bike or climbing those activities. Used to make positioning.


Size: 3.0 "(L) x 2.0625" (W) x 1.375 "(H)

Weight: 1.5 oz (w/o battery)

Power: one (1) CR123 lithium battery materials: impact resistant polymer

Light color: infrared, green


Battery: can only use 3 V battery


Note: the infrared need according to see mobile phone








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